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Individual & Group Therapy

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."
- B.K.S Iyengar



Yoga therapy uses the ancient science of yoga to help bring balance & wellness to body, mind and spirit. It can help relieve pain and illness, ease stress, depression, and insomnia, and help release trauma. Individual yoga therapy sessions are also wonderful for athletes recovering from injuries or preparing for competition or triathalons. Yoga therapy does not diagnose or treat a specific disease, but rather creates a path towards wholeness and healing that is specific to the individual client, and the client fully participates in their own journey toward wellness.

*Contemporary Definitions of Yoga Therapy by the International Association of Yoga Therapists:


A yoga therapy session is different from a private yoga class in that it begins with an initial intake and assessment (which may include body mapping or assessing range of motion, etc, depending on client needs), followed by an individualized and integrated program that may include movement therapy, myofascial release exercises with therapy balls, breath work, nutritional counseling, meditation and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation). Cheryl takes a lot of time assessing her client's individual needs for a private session and tailoring the session to meet those needs.

Contact Cheryl for information on customized individual & group therapy sessions to accommodate your needs whether you are recovering from an injury, illness or are an athlete training for a special event. Individual Therapy sessions typically involve an initial 90-minute assessment, followed by 3-8 private 1-hour follow-up sessions, depending on the needs of the client.
Investment: 90-minute Assessment: $100
Follow-up Appointments: $80 for 1 hour
I currently see private clients at the Yoga Wellness Studio in Salisbury, which is an accessible space. I can also see clients in their homes, depending on location. Please call me at (571) 332-4865 to set up your first appointment.

***SPECIAL***  I am currently offering 3 sessions for $250 (includes initial assessment plus 2 follow up sessions!); 5 sessions for $400; 8 sessions for $625. This includes developing a personal practice you get to keep, and tweaking it/adding to it as we go along to suit your progress. It generally takes at least 3 sessions to begin to see real change.

Additional Services:

Group Therapy
Cheryl offers specific therapy for groups. Group Therapy typically consists of 8-10 week sessions revolving around a theme such as Heart Healthy Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Survivors, Yoga for Better Balance, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Depression & Anxiety, and Yoga for Addiction Treatment. All sessions include movement, breath work, and meditation/relaxation including Yoga Nidra. Check my schedule to see where I'm teaching, or ask me about starting a group class at your church or community center.


Workplace Wellness
I offer group wellness therapy to businesses and nonprofits. I have taught for the Anne Arundel County Board of Education, Interactive Health, Baltimore City and City of Salisbury employees. I offer a one-hour Intro to Yoga Wellness and Stress Relief in the Workplace for $100, or bi-monthly classes for $75/class, or weekly classes at your workplace @ $50/class. Bulk rate discount. I also offer specific classes for Caregivers and those working in the care-giving professions to support wellness.

End of Life Meditations/Hospice Care

We are all born into this world, and we all die at some point. We celebrate birth, but are afraid to talk about death. I have experience working in elder care at all levels: Independent living, Assisted living, Long Term Care and Dementia Care. I offer private sessions for end-of-life care and people with terminal illnesses who are experiencing chronic pain or who have anxiety and fear around the transition from this world to the next. These sessions are geared to the individual and are respectful towards each person's religious/spiritual beliefs. The session may consist of breathing techniques to relieve pain and guided meditation and/or yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Please inquire if you have a family member who may be interested, or if you would like more information. 

*I also offer accessible private yoga therapy online through - This is a HIPAA compliant application used by doctors for Telehealth, where we are able to see each other and speak and hear each other. A 60-minute intake session is $80 (for a limited time). Book your second session at the time of your intake, and get both sessions for $150 You will need a computer with camera built in, or a smart phone (with phone stand) to be able to access this service. Please contact me for more details. 
*For in-person sessions, you must have proof of COVID vaccination or negative COVID test.

*Yoga therapy can help with regaining strength and breathing capacity after recovering from COVID-19.

Learn more about how:

(The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my study with Joseph Le Page's School of Integrative Yoga Therapy, as recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, not derived from my status as a 500-RYT with Yoga Alliance. I have had extensive training beyond that of a Registered Yoga teacher to qualify me to work therapeutically to help people heal themselves including my training in massage, Reiki and herbal & wild plant medicine.

I also completed Memorial Sloan Kettering's Yoga for Cancer  program - bringing yoga to patients in a hospital setting.)

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