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Staying Cool in the Heat

As summer temperatures soar, it is important to keep our bodies cool, and to also “keep our cool”, as tempers also tend to be shorter.

Here are some easy ways to “stay cool” this summer: 1) Stock up on lots of watery fruits like cantaloupe and watermelon. Keep them cut up in the fridge for easy access

2) Infuse some drinking water with cucumbers, mint and/or lime or lemon and drink throughout the day to stay hydrated. Coconut water is also a good way to keep cool, but there is no need to buy fancy drinks.

3) When going on long trips, make sure you have water available for you (and also your pets! – And PLEASE don’t leave pets in a hot car!). You can also wet a washcloth or small towel with very cold water or ice water, wring it out and place it around your neck.

4) Swimming is a pleasant way to cool off, but if you don’t have access to water or a pool, sitting in the shade or inside with a fan moving the air can help. Make sure you take time to cool off.

5) Spritz a little rose water on your face. I use a high-quality organic rose water, but you can also make your own with home grown or wild roses and distilled or spring water. You can store the water in the fridge for extra coolness. Here’s a recipe you can use to make your own, but make sure you cool it down before using!

6) Adjust your fitness practice in the summer. If you practice yoga, perhaps do more restorative postures, or find a calming practice that stretches the legs, includes twists and forward folds to release heat from the body. If you walk, run or bike – make sure to avoid the hottest times of day. Try to get up a little earlier and exercise in the morning, followed by a coconut oil massage and a cool shower.

7) If you are feeling on-edge or grouchy, try practicing a langhana (cooling) breath like “kaki breath” before indulging in angry words or actions. Sit quietly for a few minutes with your hands in your lap – right hand on top of the left hand with palms facing upward. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through pursed lips like you are blowing bubbles or blowing out a candle. Keep the exhale light, long and soft. Practice lengthening the exhale to calm your mind.

You can find more ways to stay cool in my previous blog post here:

Have a safe summer! Namaste!

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