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Practicing Gratitude

​​When you swing your legs over the side of the bed and your feet touch the earth in the morning, feel gratitude for the earth beneath you. The same earth is in your bones and gives you stability and a body. When you get a drink of water or brush your teeth, feel gratitude for the water that cleanses you and feel it washing through your body, allowing for fluidity and movement. When you walk or look outside, feel gratitude for the Sun that gives us light and heat and feel the internal heat that warms your body from the inside. Take a deep breath and feel gratitude for the air we breathe and share with every living being and for the plants that give us oxygen. Feel the space around you and feel gratitude for the space that allows you to take form and be alive. As I begin my morning meditation, I assess the state of my body, mind and breath. I make a mental note of pain, tension, and discomfort. I notice my thoughts and emotions. I notice the quality of my breath. Then I take a moment to give thanks for this body I inhabit, for the 5 senses I have to experience the 5 elements and the world I live in, and for the breath that sustains me without me ever thinking about breathing. Even if your body is not "perfect" or if some of your senses are not working, there is something to be grateful for each day. Pause and feel gratitude and see how it changes your day. Namaste. (For other posts about gratitude, see )

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