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Heartfulness Meditation

There are many ways to meditate, guided by many different spiritual traditions. For me, the simplest is to focus on the breath. However, I have recently began experimenting with incorporating mantra into my meditation. I recently attended a celebration of yoga at the Sri Siva Vishnu Hindu temple in Lanham, MD. During the afternoon, Vasu Murthy led a heartfulness meditation. We sat in a comfortable meditation posture for 20 minutes. Mr. Murthy began by bringing our attention to our heart center, Anahata chakra and instructed us to simply repeat the words, "Divine Light Fills my Heart" or "My heart is filled by Divine Light" over and over (silently to ourselves) for 20 minutes. Noticing when the mind wandered and coming back to this chant, or mantra. At the end of the meditation, I felt very much at peace. I began using it in my personal practice, but also whenever my thoughts became overcome by worries, anxiety or self-criticism. If I was angry because someone cut me off in traffic, or felt envious because I did not get something I felt I deserved, I would start chanting to myself "Divine Light Fills my heart". I would repeat this until the bad thoughts were released. Gradually, my heart has become lighter and lighter. It is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness - when the mind strays, bring it back to reality - "Divine Light fills my heart". It is hard to be angry or self critical when you repeat these words over and over. I invite you to try it. I recommend doing the meditation first, so you have the actual experience of being light-hearted and filled with the light of higher consciousness. Find a comfortable seat, set your timer for 20 minutes. Close your eyes or bring your gaze down and focus on the breath. Bring your awareness to your heart center. Begin to breathe in "Divine Light fills my heart". Continue to repeat this to yourself. If your attention wanders, just notice it and come back to the mantra. When your timer ends, gently bring your awareness back to the present moment - to the sounds in the room - back to your breath. Begin to open your eyes. Notice how you feel. Remind yourself throughout the day when your thoughts drift to worries or things you cannot control - or to negative self-talk. "Divine Light fills my heart". See how this practice works for you. I'd love to hear from you. Namaste.

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