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Living in Harmony with Nature

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live off-grid? To live closer to earth, with less waste and more compassion? To have more time to enjoy life and to be healthier b/c you grow most of your own food without pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified seeds? Would you like to learn more about permaculture and how to live in a more sustainable manner? If these things interest you but you aren't sure where to start or would like to experience off-grid living before committing, join us as we explore living closer to the Earth on our Yoga and Permaculture Retreat in the Sierra Nevadas of Spain next year! Enjoy living in comfortable bell tents (with beds; not on the ground!) with delicious vegetarian meals prepared fresh daily by our hosts who grow their own food on this land. Begin your journey with an Intro to Permaculture, daily yoga practices to inspire you, move you and connect you with the 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, and a restorative practice with yoga nidra for healing your body, mind and heart. Enjoy daily walks in nature and learn more about harvesting wild plants for food and medicine. Private sound therapy sessions may also be added on. Our retreat takes place at Semilla Yoga and Permaculture. Tom and Emma, the owners and caretakers of this lovely space host retreats throughout the Spring and Fall season at their beautiful home in the Sierra Nevadas.

This intimate retreat is for only 4-5 people! If you like, you can make it your own private retreat by booking with friends! This retreat will be totally affordable, allowing you to experience the joy of living in harmony with Nature and realizing the possibilities open to you when you walk softly upon the earth. Contact me for more information. Check out a recent review of Semilla with more photos here: Get away from the "concrete jungle" and join us for a true "Back to Nature" Yoga and Permaculture experience in the beautiful mountains of southern Spain and truly immerse yourself in nature.

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