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I currently teach yoga, chair yoga and meditation classes for the VA Medical Center in DC 5 days a week! To find out more, please call the VA Medical Center in DC.

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Winter Solstice Mindfulness Walk @ Pemberton Park w/ Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake - December 19 @ 1 p.m. 
Join Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake for this free afternoon walk exploring Pemberton Park with mindfulness and poetry. We'll be making evergreen decorations afterwards to celebrate the Solstice. This is a FREE event, but please register here: 

*All materials provided. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress warmly!  

Therapeutic Yoga for Low Back Pain - 3 class series on YouTube
The first class is available NOW! 

This is a gentle, therapeutic, evidence-based class for low back pain that includes mindful movement, breathing practices and guided meditation. It is geared towards general health and wellness for back pain. A variety of causes of back pain will be discussed, and not every posture/movement may be appropriate for everyone. Modifications will be given, and contraindications discussed. Participants are expected to honor any doctor or physical therapist advice and avoid any movements that feel uncomfortable.

This course is now FREE on YouTube. A new class will be uploaded weekly until the entire series is available. After weeks of struggling with technical difficulties, purchasing expensive audio equipment, and then having it not work, I have decided to record the class without a separate microphone (just using the one in my MacBook). The teaching is professional, but I did not feel the audio was perfect enough to charge. So, I'm making it available for Free to anyone who needs it.
As always, if you want to make a donation to help me keep this work going and keep it free, you can donate via PayPal to
Thank you!

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