The Importance of Touch

I’m sure when we look back at this year, “Social distancing” and “flattening the curve” will be the buzz words of 2020. At some point, this pandemic will be over – but it’s anyone’s guess for how long before we are met with the next challenge. We cannot deny our world is changing, and we are all going to have to deal with those changes. How will we emerge from this experience? Will we be wiser? More compassionate? More aware of how our behaviors affect each other and the planet? Hopefully, we will emerge with a new awareness of how we are all connected – we will practice better hygiene – frequent hand-washing, staying home from work when we are sick, and being mindful of our contact with ea

The Five Kleshas

In Sanskrit, the word "Klesha" means poison, and refers to a negative mental state. It is said that the root of all suffering lies in the 5 Kleshas: 1) Avidya, or "Spiritual Ignorance" – not knowing the True Nature of our Being; forgetting our Divinity 2) Asmita or "Ego" as it relates to selfishness, self-centered-ness. The "ego" itself is not evil – but suffering arises when we become "ego-focused" and can no longer see our connection to others or to the bigger picture. 3) Raaga, refers to attachment - Attachment to pleasure, or clinging to the illusion of comfort in our false beliefs. These beliefs become our armor of protection. Letting go of these beliefs causes feelings of anxiety and

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