Self Care in a Crisis

Namaste Friends. In these uncertain times, I know many folks are feeling anxiety about when their lives are going to get back to normal. There may be anxiety about finances, job security, housing, and so many other things essential to our daily lives. Hopefully, all of us are practicing “social distancing” now - for the sake of our community’s health. However, if you are sequestered alone, this can also lead to depression. Remember during these times that you are NOT alone. That we are all in this thing together, and that, yes - as cliche as it may sound, “this too shall pass.” In China, where COVID-19 started, things are starting to go back to normal, 2 months later. So, yes, it might be s

The Yamas and Pandem-ic-monium

As COVID-19 (aka Corona Virus) has begun to spread throughout the U.S. and other countries, the World Health Organization has declared it a "pandemic", meaning a new disease, for which people do not have immunity, spreading around the world beyond expectations. Each country, including the U.S., and each state affected has issued guidelines as to how to prevent the spread of this new disease. Many states are closing schools and banning large public gatherings. Many public places, like Libraries, are also closing. This, of course, causes unanticipated problems for people without childcare, people without sick leave, people who have nowhere to go, etc. Sadly, because people tend to react out of

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