Now is the Time for Yoga....

The very first Yoga Sutra is translated as, “Now is the time for yoga. Or “Now, let the teaching of yoga begin.” The ending of a year brings with it the opportunity to set an intention for our year – to cultivate something new or let something go…Although, in fact, each new day brings us this opportunity, for many, the turning of the year offers a chance to start anew. Winter offers us an opportunity to slow down, to look at ourselves – our behaviors and beliefs and practices and perhaps ask if these beliefs and practices still serve us. Our planet is facing tremendous changes, changes that will be felt by all of us in the days, months and years ahead. If there is/was ever a time for the pr

Menopause: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Menopause can be an exciting transition in a woman’s life - signaling the end of her reproductive years - a time of freedom and letting go. However, the end of fertility and a gradual slowing down in a society that does not hold high regard for its elders can also bring sadness, confusion and a sense of meaninglessness. Traditionally, women would be guided through this transition by other women - elders who had already transitioned through “the change”. If not prepared and guided through this transition, women may encounter fear, discomfort and even depression. Ayurveda speaks of 3 qualities or “doshas” present in all of us in varying degrees. These 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha are present i

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