Mindfulness has become a “buzz word” in the world of holistic health. Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness can improve one’s mental/emotional health and can be a useful tool in being more present in our daily lives. Some time ago, I took a mindfulness course, in which the instructor asked us to consider the opposite of “mindfulness” – He suggested that the opposite of mind-ful-ness, is “mind-less-ness”. When you put it those terms, it certainly makes sense to strive to be more mindful in our words and actions than mindless. But, what does that mean? We live in a society that prizes “Multi-tasking”, yet multi-tasking is not good for our brains and is the anti-thesis of cultivating o

Connection: Moving Towards Consciousness

It is said that Yoga unites – Body, Mind and Spirit. My Seminole teacher taught me that each of these – Body, Mind and Spirit, have 3 parts: The Body of the Body, Mind of the Body and Spirit of the Body; The Body of the Mind, Mind of the Mind and Spirit of the Mind, and the Body of the Spirit, Mind of the Spirit and the Spirit of the Spirit. In this way – all 3 are not separate but parts of one whole. The Spirit lives in the Mind and the body, and the Mind lives in the Body and the Spirit, and the Body lives in the Mind and the Spirit. This may sound confusing, but consider it this way – In the practice of yoga, whether you approach it from the physical, mental or spiritual – if you devel

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