The Energy of Trauma

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” – Albert Einstein “As we know through thermodynamics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes states. The total amount of energy in an isolated system does not, cannot, change. And thanks to Einstein, we also know that matter and energy are two rungs on the same ladder. The universe as a whole is closed. However, human bodies (and other ecosystems) are not closed — they’re open systems. We exchange energy with our surroundings. We can gain energy (again, through chemical processes), and we can lose it (by expelling waste or emitting heat).” - Jaime Trosper ( “Nikola Tes

Meditation is Touching Spirit

About a year and a half ago, a young man bumped into me as I was leaving a coffeeshop – he saw the calendar under my arm with a picture of Buddha on, and asked me, “Do you meditate?” I said, “Yes.” A conversation ensued in which I discovered he was a student at SU and he found out I teach yoga and meditation. He asked me if I would meditate with him. I said “Yes” – I will meditate with anyone who asks me to with an open heart and mind. So, we set up a place and time to meet the next week. We decided to meet in the prayer/meditation room at Salisbury University. We sat together and shared about a 20 minute meditation session that included some stretching, breathing techniques and mudra. Me

When life gives you lemons....

Make Hair Tea! Last Sunday, I was cooking when I reached up into a cabinet to grab some spices and herbs, and I noticed movement in one of the containers that holds my dried herbs. So, I grabbed the container, opened it up – and it was full of weevils. So, then I had to take all of my herbs down and check them for bugs. The good thing is that many of these herbs were long past their freshness date, but I had been lazy about throwing them away. So, I decided to clean out my herb cabinet. At least 3 containers had bugs. I threw them out and washed the containers and the cabinet with soapy water and essential oil.Three glass jars of herbs: dried lavender, calendula flowers and rosemary – were

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