Ethics and Yoga

As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, I belong to several groups and professional organizations where I engage with other professionals to share insights and learn from each other. In the past week, on 2 separate occasions in different groups, there was a call to create a "Code of Ethics" for our practice b/c of an unethical situation brought forward (each was different, and too elaborate to go into here). However, my thought in both circumstances was – Why do we need a new code of ethics? If one is indeed practicing “yoga”, there is already a 5,000 year old code of ethics set in place for us to follow. Yoga in the Western world has become more about the physical – stretching, strengthening


Sometimes my blog posts are inspired by yoga science and philosophy; sometimes from my own personal experiences, or by insights or questions from my students, and sometimes they are inspired by the natural world. Just as the ancient sages were inspired by the natural world around them, as we see in the names of the yoga asanas and in the science of Ayurveda, I am inspired daily by the miracle of Nature. This week’s post is inspired by the latter…only, it’s not the post I thought I was going to write. You see, I have been growing baby swallowtail caterpillars in my herb garden. It started when about 5 of them showed up one day, eating my parsley. I could see they would soon run out, so I tran

Staying Cool in the Heat

As summer temperatures soar, it is important to keep our bodies cool, and to also “keep our cool”, as tempers also tend to be shorter. Here are some easy ways to “stay cool” this summer: 1) Stock up on lots of watery fruits like cantaloupe and watermelon. Keep them cut up in the fridge for easy access 2) Infuse some drinking water with cucumbers, mint and/or lime or lemon and drink throughout the day to stay hydrated. Coconut water is also a good way to keep cool, but there is no need to buy fancy drinks. 3) When going on long trips, make sure you have water available for you (and also your pets! – And PLEASE don’t leave pets in a hot car!). You can also wet a washcloth or small towel with

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