Creating a Yoga Therapy Program

I haven't had an opportunity to write a blog post in a few weeks. I'm still working on one, but in the meantime, I came across this amazing article by my teacher, Joseph LePage - printed as the feature story in Yoga Journal online this month. Joseph so clearly explains what yoga therapy is, and how a private individual or 10-week group class is different from a regular yoga class. I hope this article sheds light for those who are still unclear.

The Season of Vata

Happy Autumn! In Ayurveda, Autumn is the season of Vata – the air begins to chill, the weather becomes more dry and windy. Foods available now include root vegetables, hearty winter squashes and seeds and nuts. These rich, fatty and oily foods provide balance during a dry and cold season. It’s the time of year to enjoy warm soups and stews, drink warm teas like ginger and cardamom and to slow down and spend more time indoors creating and planning for the next season. Vata dosha is made of the elements of Air and Space. The qualities of Vata include dry, cold, rough, quick, moving, changeable. It’s good to balance these qualities this time of year with things that ground you, warm you, are st

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