Yoga and Sexual Trauma

The #MeToo movement, founded by Tarana Burke, has brought the subject of sexual assault out into the open and exposed just how common sexual assault is, how deep the problem goes and how many have been affected by it - many who have never lifted their voices for fear of repercussions or of not being heard at all. We have seen men in positions of power including those who hold political office, work in our judicial system and even religious leaders accused of rape and sexual assault. In fact, there are also those in positions of leadership in the Yoga community who have been exposed for sexual abuse including Bikram Choudhury and Swami Satyananda Saraswati, among many others. Unfortunately,

Practicing Gratitude

​​When you swing your legs over the side of the bed and your feet touch the earth in the morning, feel gratitude for the earth beneath you. The same earth is in your bones and gives you stability and a body. When you get a drink of water or brush your teeth, feel gratitude for the water that cleanses you and feel it washing through your body, allowing for fluidity and movement. When you walk or look outside, feel gratitude for the Sun that gives us light and heat and feel the internal heat that warms your body from the inside. Take a deep breath and feel gratitude for the air we breathe and share with every living being and for the plants that give us oxygen. Feel the space around you and fe

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