Staying Grounded in the Midst of Turmoil

Anyone who grew up with trauma - particularly who grew up in a chaotic home, knows what it is like to feel like you have no control over your environment. Children who grow up with an alcoholic parent or a parent who has anger issues learn how to sense the parent's moods coming on and try to avoid them as a way of protecting ourselves. We often become adults who look out for others or help them deal with crisis, because we learned how to at an early age (Although the coping mechanisms we adopt to survive unpredictable emotional chaos are not always healthy ones). All of us deal with chaos at some point in our lives - the unexpected, the unpredictable - damage from a storm, severe financial

Spring Forward!

This past weekend most of us in the United States set our clocks forward by 1 hour, losing an hour of our day. While "Daylight savings" was originally created to help farmers, it makes little sense to continue to observe this tradition. What's more is that it is hard on our bodies and brains! Just because we set the clock forward or back doesn't mean that our bodies absorb this unnatural give and take of an hour. Most of us end up losing an hour of sleep, which we can ill afford. Here are some ways to help your body deal with the change. Try to go to bed a little earlier. If you aren't tired, build some exercise into your day - perhaps during lunch or right after work. Do something relaxin

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