Pranamaya Kosha

I wrote a blog post back in December on the 5 "Koshas" or "Sheaths" in yoga and Ayurveda: Annamaya kosha (the physical body), Pranamaya Kosha (the energy body), Manomaya Kosha (psycho/emotional body), Vijnamayakosha (Wisdom body), and Anandamayakosha (bliss body). You can access that post for a deeper explanation of the 5 Koshas here: The Annamaya Kosha is pretty obvious, as it relates to our physical body and bodily systems - that which we can see. Today, I want to explore the Pranamaya Kosha, or "energy body". Pranamaya kosha includes our "prana" or lifeforce that sustains us. Without prana, we would not be alive. It also

What are Mudras?

I love working with hand mudras and I use them frequently both in my teaching and in my private therapy sessions. "Mudras are gestures of the hands, face and body that promote physical health, psychological balance and spiritual awakening." "...The power of mudras to support health and healing rests in their ability to cultivate balance and harmony within all dimensions of our being." (Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage). Mudras can be energizing and uplifting, or calming and grounding. They can help to direct breath and prana through the body and focus the mind. They can help to direct awareness towards areas of the body or towards the chakras, various ene

Motivation: Part 2

Today's blog post contains ideas to help motivate you according to your "dosha", or personal constitution. But first, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the "doshas" and the lens through which Ayurveda views the universe, laws of nature and how they relate to our own well-being. Ayurveda literally means “knowledge of life”. Ayurveda is India's 5000 year old tradition of medicine. This system teaches humans how to live in balance with nature. Ayurveda recognizes that all things are made up of the five elements of nature—earth, water, fire, air, and ether (space). Every substance, every cell, contains all five of these elements. That said, in a given substance, one or two element


“A worthy aim makes life illumined, pure and divine. Without such an aim, action and prayer have no value. Life without tapas is like a heart without love.” – BKS Iyengar It's the beginning of a New Year - a time when many people like to make resolutions. We like the idea of being able to wipe the slate clean and start anew. For many people the concept of a new year motivates them to start cultivating positive changes in their lives. Those changes might include diet, exercise, making financial improvements, releasing addictions or bad habits, learning new things, visiting new places, cultivating new hobbies, or dedicating ourselves to a spiritual practice. The reality is that we are offered

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