Living in Harmony with Nature

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live off-grid? To live closer to earth, with less waste and more compassion? To have more time to enjoy life and to be healthier b/c you grow most of your own food without pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified seeds? Would you like to learn more about permaculture and how to live in a more sustainable manner? If these things interest you but you aren't sure where to start or would like to experience off-grid living before committing, join us as we explore living closer to the Earth on our Yoga and Permaculture Retreat in the Sierra Nevadas of Spain next year! Enjoy living in comfortable bell tents (with beds; not on the ground!) with

Judgement vs. Discernment

When we become attached to pleasure, desire and validating our own limiting beliefs, we often become quick to make judgements about anything that doesn't fit into our bubble of comfort and anyone who seems to threaten our perceptions. This is not only not healthy but can be dangerous. It is the seed that sometimes grows into misunderstanding, revulsion, hatred, and even violence. Our mind makes judgements to protect our limiting beliefs and create a false safety net from which to move within. We often form our social circles from groups of other people with similar beliefs who see life through the same glasses we do. However, this often restricts our vision and closes our minds. When we judg

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