Ayurveda and Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

I recently completed Module 8 (Embodying the Principles of Ayurveda) of my Yoga therapy training at Kripalu. This module's focus is Yoga and Ayurveda. "Ayurveda" is often called the "sister science" of yoga. It is loosely translated as "the science of life", or as Dr. John Douillard says, "Ayurveda unveils the truth of your life". The principles of Ayurveda basically teach us to live in harmony with the cycles of nature in order to restore health and balance in our own life. To me, Ayurvedic teachings mirror the ways Indigenous people have always lived. It is only with industrialization that we have moved away from our natural circadian rhythms and have moved out of balance with earth cycles

Wild Spinach

Lamb's Quarters (Chenopodium album), also called "pigweed" is one of my favorite wild foods! We used to harvest Lamb's Quarters both as a green for salads (mixed with chickweed) and to put on pizzas! It grows everywhere - generally on waste land (it's the kind of weed that you likely pull out of your garden!). The reason it grows on "wasteland" is that it helps to restore minerals to the soil. Rich in magnesium and potassium, it also has more vitamin A & C, calcium, riboflavin and zinc than domestic spinach. Domestic spinach, however, is higher in folic acid and iron. American Indians used a tea from this plant to treat stomach aches and scurvy. All parts of the plant can be used. The leaves

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