Will and Surrender

Last week, I wrote about the practice of meditation, and why it is so important in the yogic tradition. This week, we examine how both will and surrender are important to the practice. In Yoga Sutra 1.12, Patanjali says that the way to still the mind is through "Abhyasa & Vairagya" or "practice and non-attachment" - balancing will and surrender.We know that in order to improve ourselves or to get better at anything requires practice - speaking a foreign language, learning a new dance choreography, playing chess or tennis. For those of us who practice yoga asana - we strive through practice to improve our asana - and for those of us who practice the 8 limbs of yoga philosophy - we know that a

Why Meditate?

So many students tell me they have a hard time meditating, and some are not even interested in learning....I think that for many of us who live in a society that values "doing" more than "being", it's hard to justify finding even 10 minutes to sit still and "do nothing", much less 20 minutes or more...despite the fact that scientific research is showing so many positive effects of meditation on both our health and our behavior. (see links to articles exploring these concepts below) For benefits of meditation in schools, check out these articles: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2016/10/18/the-many-benefits-of-meditation-for-children/#54c9cf99dbe3 Also: https://www.upworthy.com/this

Beginner's Mind

"Even when, after due preparation, we are called to teach others, we would be wise to remain learners, or, in traditional terms, to cultivate 'beginner's mind'...we stop growing when we think there is nothing more to learn." - George Feuerstein I wrote a blog post a year ago about getting inspired in your life. You can find a link to it here: https://www.shiningwatersyoga.com/blog/date/2016-05 This week's post focuses more on how to find inspiration in the practice of yoga itself, by cultivating "beginner's mind". I am someone who is addicted to movement - not just yoga but dancing, walking in nature, running, biking. I feel better when I'm moving than when I'm inert. Our bodies are meant to

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