Finding Light in Darkness

Last week was a dark week in this country - full of violence and suffering. It is hard to be exposed to so much violence and suffering and not feel it in some way in your body and your mind, perhaps even your spirit. Certainly anyone who is an empath or clairsentient is not immune to the suffering being experienced right now on such a global level. The stress and trauma of bearing witness to the incredible injustice in this country towards African Americans as well as the prevalent gun violence and high incidence of mental illness that many young people are suffering from - perhaps as direct experience of trauma and stress and not having a way to deal with those feelings of pain and suffe

Be Good To Yourself

This week's blog post is about being good to yourself. Really, it's about forgiving yourself. I consider myself an expert on this subject since I've had to forgive myself OVER and OVER and OVER again. I expect that at least some of you can relate. Especially if you are a perfectionist or a high achiever. I don't consider myself the former, but I AM the latter....It was impressed upon me, at an early age - that if I just worked hard enough - studied hard, practiced often, didn't fool around or screw up, I could go far in life. Which is a valuable thing to learn - I think it's important to learn the value of hard work and reaping the rewards of what you sow. However, things don't always quite

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