Healthy Dog Treats

Taking a break from the past 2 serious blog posts to post something fun. What does this have to do with yoga? Animals are our teachers and all of us who have pets know how deeply we bond with these critters that embody the principle of agape! It is important for their health that we feed them healthy food and it's fun and usually cheaper to make it ourselves! I make my dog's food from scratch as well as many of his treats. When I buy treats, I look for gluten free AND sugar free, and locally made whenever possible. You really need to check packaging carefully, b/c often treats that are marketed as gluten free actually have sugar in them! Dogs do not need wheat or sugar. And while, some dog

In the Wake of Tragedy

On my way home from the annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research, I heard the news of the tragic shooting in Orlando that resulted in the deaths of at least 50 people. The stark contrast between leaving a huge room full of love to entering a world full of hate and suffering felt overwhelming. But, coming from a place of love helped me to carry hope, and be more peaceful than if I had not been in that place. In response to this tragedy, I have read many different opinions, I have heard songs and poems of hope and I have heard people lash out in blame and hatred. It reminded me in some ways of the aftermath of the Baltimore riots over a year ago. No one was killed in those riots (that I a

Grief & Suffering

A friend of mine died suddenly and tragically this past weekend. At the time I am writing this, few details are known to me. I saw a post by another friend, asking people to help get the word out that she was missing, along with details about her car and where she was last seen. Some time after sharing the post, I began my morning meditation practice, as usual. During the practice I imagined sending light and Reiki energy to my friend. As I sat praying for her safe return, the words came to me, "She is wrapped in the loving arms of the Creator of All Things." Literally - those words filled my being along with a ray of light. I stopped praying. Something in me knew...but still hoped for her r

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